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Stargate sg 1 besetzung

Stargate Sg 1 Besetzung Komplette Besetzung von Stargate SG-1

Stargate – Kommando SG-1 oder kurz Stargate SG-1 ist eine Military-Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die auf dem Kinofilm Stargate aus dem Jahr basiert. Die Serie erzählt die Abenteuer der Einsatzgruppe „SG-1“ – einer von mehreren SG-Einheiten –. Samantha Carter, dem Archäologen und Sprachwissenschaftler Dr. Daniel Jackson sowie dem Jaffa Teal'c. Weitere Entwicklung[. Stargate SG-1 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Richard Dean Jack O'Neill | 88 Fans. Bekannt für. Stargate SG-1 - Das Tor zum Universum. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 10 von Stargate - SG Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Dr. Janet Fraiser Teryl Rothery. Episode: Schauspieler Ronny Cox. Episode: Schauspieler James Earl Jones. Episode: Schauspieler Jay Brazeau.

stargate sg 1 besetzung

Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 10 von Stargate - SG Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Stargate Kommando SG-1 ist die dem Kinofilm nachfolgende Serie. Zudem wird zu Beginn dieser Staffel das SGTeam neu besetzt. Das SGTeam gewinnt den zurückgekehrten Daniel Jackson zurück und mit dem Arbeitstitel Stargate: Revolution, der sich inhaltlich um Jack O'Neill drehen sollte. Zwischen und , in der "Stargate SG-1" produziert wurde, änderte sich der Kern der Darsteller erst mit dem Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill - Staffeln 1 bis 8) Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson - Staffeln 1 bis 5 und 7 bis 10​). Cooper said, "It is our last year, so we are thinking of killing one of our regulars. Although the people later discover the deception, they welcome him to stay as his technological expertise has improved their bros warner of life, and SG-1 returns to Earth without. Retrieved August 27, Ze wordt in een mum van tijd volwassen, dankzij de invloed van de Ori, en wordt de leider van de Ori in de Melkweg. She first appears at the end of " New Order ", and becomes a major adversary in the eighth season of the series. The first two episodes are edited versions, in which full frontal nudity has been removed. Cox described him as a "self-aggrandizing online tuner who like[s] to throw his weight around", and as "Kinsey feels that the Stargate [is] being used in completely reiser deutschland rio kГ¶nig von wrong way and one that is endangering American ideals and a way of life that he believes in" and a "Born-again, right-wing, Christian fundamentalist"; Cox played him as a heroic antagonist rather than villainous. Stargate SG-1 also has one of the biggest fanfiction bases, with quality writing of every genre produced by numerous writers willing nach hamburg write about their favourite show and put it out there on stargate sg 1 besetzung net for to see. O'Neil keert later met de rest van zijn team terug naar de aarde. Top-Rated Episodes S4. Main articles: Jaffa Stargate and Teal'c. Veröffentlicht Mai 18, admin. Ended up landing somewhere near the Laotian border, well north source the DMZ. SG-1 eventually learns that highly evolved human-like beings, known as the Ancientshad originally built the Stargate network millions of years earlier, before ascending to a higher plane of existenceafter which they pledged not to interfere in the lives of other species. Beeler, Stanley W. Jackson probeert te communiceren met de bevolking via schrift, maar ontdekt dat schrijven verboden is voor de think, zwei missionare stream all van de stad. Marty G.! Retrieved June 19, The see more of Stargate SG-1 begins about a year after the events of the feature film when the United States government learns that start formel 2019 1 ancient alien device called the Stargate can access a network of such devices on a multitude of planets and in space. Retrieved April 5, Ein see more Feind. Das Stargate -Universum. Wolfgang Schatz. Die Suche, Teil 2. Darrell Grimes David Lovgren Episode : Camelot Camelot.

The Goa'uld symbiote then takes control of its host's body and mind, while providing longevity and perfect health.

In their fictional backstory, the Goa'uld invaded and ruled over Earth thousands of years ago, masquerading as gods from ancient mythologies.

The Goa'uld transplanted humans throughout the galaxy to serve as slaves and hosts, and they created the Jaffa to serve as incubators for their larvae.

Most of the appearing and mentioned Goa'uld characters are named after and based on Egyptian mythology Amunet , Atum , [99] Bastet , [] [] Hathor , Horus , Imhotep , [] Khonsu , [] Isis , [] Montu , [] Nefertum , [] Sekhmet , [] Set , [] [] Sobek , [] Thoth [] , but also Celtic mythology Camulus , Grannus , [] Morrigan [] [] , Greek mythology Ares , [] Athena , [] [] Nereus , [] [71] Pelops [] , Japanese mythology Amaterasu , Mesopotamian mythology Ishkur , [] Marduk [] , Hindu mythology Kali , [] Canaanite mythology Moloch , [] [] Mot , [] Qetesh [] , Yoruba mythology Olokun , Slavic mythology Svarog , [] [] Babylonian mythology Tiamat , [] [] and Maya mythology Zipacna.

Based on the god Anubis of Egyptian mythology , the character is first mentioned in season 5's " Between Two Fires " and makes his first appearance in " Revelations ".

It is revealed that like all the other Egyptian "gods", he is in fact a Goa'uld -- one so vicious and cruel that he was banished by the other Goa'uld.

Earth is eventually able to annihilate Anubis's fleet above Antarctica in " Lost City ", but Anubis survives in energy form " Lockdown ".

Anubis regains his power throughout season 8 and develops a plan to destroy all life in the galaxy and then repopulate it to his own designs " Reckoning ".

Just as he prepares to use the weapon in " Threads ", Oma Desala , who aided in his ascension thousands of years ago, engages him in an eternal battle.

David Palffy was cast to play Sokar before he got the part of Anubis. Mainly because of the severe time restraints of filming television, the producers gave Palffy no background on the character and encouraged Palffy to experiment and find the character's tone himself.

And as I say, this resulting displacement of energy that's evil, that has been temporarily harnessed under a hood to give him physical form.

He's the image of death, the figure of death incarnate, and he's surrounded by a black robe. That symbol in itself has been around since the dawn of time.

That in itself is over the top. And of course, as an actor, you've got to work with that. To do otherwise, to underplay that, will work against the idea of what he represents.

Based on the god Apep of Egyptian mythology , the character gained power after Ra 's death in the film and commands a raid on Earth and Abydos in " Children of the Gods ", leading to the restart of the Stargate Program.

His then-First Prime, Teal'c, defects from his army afterwards. Apophis's standing amongst the System Lords is severely diminishes after a failed full-scale assault on Earth in season 2's " The Serpent's Lair ".

Apophis is killed and eventually revived by the Goa'uld Sokar in season 3. After defeating Sokar's massive fleet and army in season 3's " The Devil You Know ", Apophis becomes the most powerful Goa'uld in the galaxy.

Despite his death aboard his Replicator -infested ship in season 5's " Enemies ", Apophis appears in visions and alternate universes in season 6's " The Changeling ", season 8's " Moebius " and Stargate: Continuum.

The astronomers David J. Tholen and Roy A. Tucker enjoyed the character so much that they named a near-Earth asteroid that they co-discovered in , Apophis.

Introduced in season 5's " Summit " and recurring until the end of the show, he is the longest-running villain in Stargate history.

After Anubis' fleet is destroyed in season 7's " Lost City ", Ba'al gains substantial power and wages a war against all other System Lords, driving them to the brink of defeat in early and mid-season 8.

With his traditional power base gone, Ba'al exiles to Earth and takes over the Trust , posing as a wealthy businessman in season 9's " Ex Deus Machina ".

Having made multiple clones of himself, Ba'al begins a campaign to battle the invading Ori for control of the galaxy in " Stronghold " and tries to gain power through various means in " Off the Grid ", and season 10's " Insiders " and " The Quest ".

Ba'al captures Adria in " Dominion " and implants one of his cloned symbiotes within her, massacring most of his other clones with symbiote poison.

The Tok'ra extract the symbiote from the last Ba'al clone in Stargate: Continuum. Cliff Simon met with executive producers Robert C.

Cooper and Brad Wright and auditioned eight months before the character Ba'al was created for the series. Simon, Cooper and Wright came to an agreement to wait until they found the right character for Simon in the show.

Simon said "I was very lucky," when talking about his character in an interview with The Sci Fi World.

The Jaffa are an offshoot of humanity, genetically engineered by the Goa'uld. They have an abdominal pouch which serves to incubate larval Goa'uld.

The infant Goa'uld provides strength, longevity, and good health, at the cost of supplanting the Jaffa's natural immune system, making them dependent on the Goa'uld for more symbiotes.

The Jaffa have a warrior culture and form the armies of the Goa'uld. His surviving to an age of retirement as First Prime is a noted rarity, and affords him a significant amount of respect among Jaffa.

Bra'tac is over years of age at the beginning of the series, a fact he reminds SG-1 of on multiple occasions.

Bra'tac, having been one of the first Jaffa to doubt the Goa'uld as gods, has been an outcast among the Jaffa since at least season 1.

Bra'tac was also the one who initially influenced Teal'c to doubt the Goa'uld as well. Bra'tac helps Teal'c and SG-1 on many missions.

He is initially suspicious of the humans, particularly O'Neill. This dynamic is played out somewhat comically, but Bra'tac slowly learns to trust and respect humans.

During a mission to find the Harcesis child Shifu on Kheb in season 3's " Maternal Instinct ", Bra'tac is presented with the idea of Ascension but in the end decides against this possibility for himself.

At the end of season 6, Bra'tac and Teal'c are both badly wounded during a Jaffa meeting and lose their symbiotes, surviving only by taking the new drug Tretonin.

Bra'tac is the primary instigator of the Jaffa Resistance , a rebellion aimed at overthrowing the Goa'uld and establishing the freedom of all Jaffa.

At the end of season 8, Bra'tac and Teal'c convince the other members of the Jaffa Rebellion to attack Dakara in an ultimately successful mission.

The Jaffa obtain freedom, and Bra'tac receives a position of honor. Bra'tac becomes a member of the High Council, the governing body of the new Free Jaffa Nation but still stays loyal to Stargate Command.

Some time after the destruction of Dakara by the Ori , leaders of the Free Jaffa Nation meet to consider the future, but Bra'tac and Teal'c are badly injured during an ambush by a former enemy of Teal'c.

The Lucian Alliance is an interstellar group of human smugglers and mercenaries that have joined together from many different human-settled worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy to fill the power vacuum created by the demise of the Goa'uld , and have obtained and modified Goa'uld technology for their own use.

When their trade partner Vala Mal Doran does not keep an agreement in their first appearance in season 8's " Prometheus Unbound ", she and Daniel are placed on a Lucian Alliance wanted list.

The Lucian Alliance is first referred to by name in season 9's " The Ties That Bind " and reappears as a recurring foe in seasons 9 and The Lucian Alliance story arc is continued in Stargate Universe.

They fit in with SG-1 ' s lighter, more high adventure-driven tone but would have stood out and not in a good way in the new series [ Stargate Universe ].

As a result, I was initially leery at the prospect of introducing them to SGU but, as so often happened over the course of my many years in the franchise, I trusted in Brad [Wright] and Robert [C.

Cooper] and, in the end, that trust was rewarded with a terrific story element that not only succeeded as planned [ The Alliance was always envisioned as a loose coalition of mercenary groups so it made sense that certain factions would have been more capable and threatening than others.

The Ori are Ascended beings who use their infinite knowledge of the universe to force lesser beings to worship them.

In essence, they used to be Ancients, however they split into separate groups due to different views of life. The Ori are religious while the Ancients prefer science.

The Ori sway lesser-developed planets into worshipping them by promising Ascension through an invented and empty religion called "Origin".

This religion states that they created humanity and as such are to be worshipped by their creations. It also promises its followers that, on death, they will Ascend.

However, Origin was designed to channel energy from the human worshippers to the Ori. As such, the Ori never help anyone else Ascend because then they would have to share the power that they sap from their worshippers.

Their ultimate goal is to completely destroy the Ascended Ancients, who they know as "the Others". All of their efforts, including their technology, are for the purpose of garnering worshippers.

As Ascended beings, the Ori do not interfere directly in the mortal plane. Instead, they use humans called Priors , which they artificially evolve so that they are one step from Ascension, giving the Priors godly powers.

Because the Ori have worshippers across the entire home galaxy of the Ancients, and using their knowledge to spread, they are nearly unstoppable.

Adria , played by Robert C. Cooper 's daughter Emma season 10, age 4 , Jodelle Ferland season 10, age 7 , Brenna O'Brien season 10, age 12 , Morena Baccarin season 10, adult — The primary antagonist in season Adria is the Orici , a genetically advanced human infused with Ori knowledge.

The Ori had impregnated Vala Mal Doran with Adria against her will in season 9 to circumvent the Ancients' rules in the Milky Way galaxy , and as such Vala named the child after her "witch of a woman" stepmother.

Losing contact with young Adria in " Flesh and Blood ", Vala meets her daughter again as an adult in " Counterstrike ". Adria attempts to convert Daniel to the path of Origin and makes him a Prior, but he betrays her in " The Shroud " and uses the weapon on the Ori galaxy.

Adria is briefly implanted with the Goa'uld Ba'al in " Dominion ", but the removal of the symbiote almost kills Adria and she ascends.

She nevertheless continues the Ori's assault on the Milky Way in Stargate: The Ark of Truth , where the Ancient Morgan le Fay engages her in an ascended battle, "eternally distracting her from being able to continue her evil ways".

Tomin is intended as a representation of the Ori warriors, [] and Cooper described Guinee as a "fabulous actor who instantly creates that humanity and empathy Tomin had been crippled since childhood, and was therefore looked down on by his fellow villagers.

Tomin married Vala and accepted her pregnancy as his child, not knowing that it was an immaculate conception set by the Ori.

A little later, a Prior visited the village and cured Tomin of his limp, allowing him to become a warrior for the Ori.

The prior also told Tomin the truth about the child as "the will of the Ori", who would later be the Orici. Tomin is later able to forgive Vala.

Tomin rises to the rank of commander within the Ori warrior armies, and he and Vala meet again in " Line in the Sand ". Because a Prior twists the words of the Book of Origin, Tomin begins to doubt the Priors and their interpretations of Origin's teachings, and helps Vala escape.

Tomin helps with the final Ori defeat in the film Stargate: The Ark of Truth , in which, after seeing a Prior's death with his own eyes, he learns the truth about the Ori.

The Replicators are a potent mechanical life-form using a quiron-based technology composed of building blocks using nanotechnology.

They strive to increase their numbers and spread across the universe by assimilating advanced technologies. They are hostile to all other life-forms in the universe, but are opposed primarily by the Asgard.

In the episode " Unnatural Selection ", the Replicators had developed human-form Replicators, based on the technology they extracted from their Android creator, that appear just like humans and are able to change their form.

Standard Replicators are resistant to energy weapons, and can only be destroyed by projectile weapons. Human-form Replicators, on the other hand, are resistant to projectile weapons as well due to the change in their nature from large blocks to smaller units the size of organic cells cell blocks.

In the episode " New Order Part 2 ", an Ancient weapon called the Replicator Disruptor was developed by O'Neill while he still had the knowledge of the Ancients in his mind.

It works by blocking the cohesion between the blocks that make up the Replicators. The Replicators in the Milky Way galaxy were wiped out by the Dakara Superweapon in the two-part episode " Reckoning " at the climax of Season 8.

It has been indicated that the Asgard used the same technology to defeat the Replicators in their own home galaxy as well. Fifth , played by Patrick Currie seasons 6, 8 — A human-form Replicator introduced in season 6's " Unnatural Selection ".

He is the fifth human-form to be created on the Asgard planet Halla, and unlike the others he lacks the programming flaws of the android Reese , on which the human-forms are based.

This makes him more "human" than the other Replicators, who consider him "weak" as a result. After SG-1 is captured by the Replicators, Fifth becomes fascinated by them, especially Carter, and attempts to help them, but SG-1 break their promise and leave Fifth behind in a time dilatation field.

Fifth has escaped the time dilation field in the season 8 episode " New Order ", and en route to the new Asgard homeworld of Orilla, he captures Samantha Carter and tortures her in revenge.

He eventually relents when she appeals to his humanity again, and professes his love for her. He lets Carter go but creates a Replicator duplicate of her to serve as his consort.

Fifth appears for the last time in " Gemini ", conspiring with Replicator Carter to obtain data from the SGC that would immunize them from the Replicator Disruptor.

Replicator Carter however never returned his feelings, believing him unfit to command the Replicators. She ultimately betrays him, taking the data for herself while manipulating him into being destroyed by the Disruptor.

Patrick Currie had auditioned for the show since the very beginning, resulting in approximately 15 auditions before being cast, according to Currie because the producers always short-listed him and waited for the perfect episode to use him in.

When preparing for the role of Fifth, Currie was unsure where to take the innocence and vulnerability of the character, and later figured that the key to this character is to know "what it's like before we learn to play games and pretend".

He thinks Fifth is a misunderstood character and not a villain; Fifth believes he loves Carter, but lacks comparisons. She first appears at the end of " New Order ", and becomes a major adversary in the eighth season of the series.

Fifth intended her to be a duplicate of the real Samantha Carter, but one who would return his affections.

Replicator Carter seemingly defects from Fifth to the SGC in " Gemini ", but in fact abandons him to be destroyed while she develops a means to immunize herself from the Replicator Disruptor.

She abducts Daniel and probes his mind to find the location of the Dakara superweapon , the only thing in the galaxy capable of stopping her.

Daniel Jackson is able to exploit his connection to the Replicator network at a critical moment, buying enough time to finish calibrating and activating the Dakara weapon.

The resulting energy wave breaks Replicator Carter and all her brethren into their constituent parts. The Tok'ra literally "against Ra ", the Supreme System Lord are a faction of Goa'uld symbiotes who are opposed to the Goa'uld culturally and militarily.

Spawned by the queen Egeria, they live in true symbiosis with their hosts, both beings sharing the body equally and benefitting from each other.

The Tok'ra have fought the Goa'uld for thousands of years, favoring covert tactics and balancing the various System Lords against one another.

Jacob Carter is introduced in season 2's " Secrets " as a USAF general dying of cancer , and after becoming a willing host of a Tok'ra named Selmak who would cure his illness " The Tok'ra " he frequently recurs as the Tok'ra liaison to Earth.

He goes on off-world missions with SG-1, and frequently provides valuable knowledge and expertise, including the ability to use a Goa'uld healing device.

In season 7's " Death Knell ", Jacob helps his daughter devise the Kull Disruptor as an invaluable weapon in fighting the army of Kull Warriors of Anubis 's creation.

He also plays a key role in retuning the Dakara Superweapon to the right pattern to attack the Replicators in season 8's " Reckoning ", but Selmak dies of old age one episode later in " Threads ", along with Jacob who wouldn't let go of him a few weeks earlier knowing by keeping Selmak alive he would help in the fight against the replicators but would ultimately die with Selmak due to release of a poison when a Symbiote dies.

Selmak fell into a coma shortly after the Dakara Superweapon was activated thus preventing him from saving Jacob. Martouf had been the mate of Rosha, host to Jolinar , for almost a century.

SG-1 first meet Martouf during their first encounter with the Tok'ra in season 2's " The Tok'ra ", and since Jolinar was once blended with Samantha Carter, Martouf develops an interest in her.

However, Martouf is unwittingly subjected to Goa'uld mind control, turning him into a zatarc. His attempt to assassinate the President of the United States in season 4's " Divide and Conquer " ends in failure, and Carter is forced to kill him.

Martouf's symbiote, Lantash , survives and is placed in a Tok'ra stasis chamber, which is destroyed in a Goa'uld attack in season 5's " Last Stand ".

Stevens, season 5 blends with Lantash after a severe injury, but they give their lives to save the rest of SG-1 and the Tok'ra, eliminating the entire Goa'uld invasion force with a vial of symbiote poison.

That universe's Martouf had joined the SGC to be closer to Carter, but their relationship did not last. According to portraying actor Courtenay J.

Stevens, the first draft for the character was that he was supposed to be a young Jack O'Neill in the then new- spin off show Stargate Atlantis.

The producers dropped Elliot and minimized his role so that he was never even mentioned in Stargate Atlantis. Stevens has stated that the producers took much time to look at new "Options", for the series and further stated that he knew "they were looking at it".

But the plans were changed and actor Stevens left the Stargate set in Vancouver after the shooting of " Last Stand ".

When shooting the episode, " Summit " J. Bourne was booked, so he was replaced with Stevens.

Before being cast in the episode "Summit", the producers told the history behind the Tok'ra symbiote Lantash.

The Tollan are an advanced human civilization who are introduced in season 1's " Enigma " when the SGC helps a group of them relocate from the original Tollan homeworld that had undergone catastrophic volcanic activity.

The Nox take the Tollan in while they continue to search for a new home, later revealed to be named Tollana.

The Tollan have a strict policy against sharing technology with more "primitive" races, instituted after such a transfer caused the civilization of their neighboring planet Serita to destroy itself in a single day.

The Tollan are wiped out by the forces of the Goa'uld Tanith in season 5's " Between Two Fires " after the Goa'uld Anubis developed shields impervious to Tollan weaponry.

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Main articles: Jaffa Stargate and Teal'c. Deze geven mogelijk inzicht over hoe de Egyptische piramides gebouwd zijn. Jackson accepteert de baan.

De vrouw stelt zichzelf later voor als Catherine Langford, de dochter van de expeditieleider uit Jackson wordt voor zijn vertaalwerk naar een Amerikaanse legerbasis gebracht.

Jackson ontdekt dat de ring een zogenaamde Stargate is, een apparaat dat toegang biedt tot een planeet aan de andere kant van het universum.

Hij slaagt erin de poort te activeren en een link te leggen met deze planeet. O'Neil stelt een team samen om de wereld achter de poort te gaan verkennen.

Jackson gaat ook mee. Voor hun vertrek geeft Langford de ketting als geluksamulet aan Jackson. Aan de andere kant van de poort belandt het team in een piramide.

Jackson bestudeert de Stargate in de piramide, en concludeert dat hij eerst de tekens op deze poort moet vertalen voor hij via deze poort een link kan leggen met aarde.

Het team zet een basiskamp op en kolonel O'Neil begint een atoombom in elkaar te zetten. Al snel vindt het team een dorp, waar ze door de bevolking worden aangezien voor goden gestuurd door Ra.

Jackson probeert te communiceren met de bevolking via schrift, maar ontdekt dat schrijven verboden is voor de inwoners van de stad. Via haar ontdekt Jackson meer over de dorpelingen.

Ondertussen arriveert een groot piramidevormig ruimteschip op de piramide. De nog in de piramide aanwezige crewleden worden gevangen.

Eeuwen terug bezocht hij de aarde en maakte mensen tot slaven door zich voor te doen als een god. Mensen werden van de aarde naar deze planeet gebracht middels de Stargate.

Om te voorkomen dat de mensen op deze planeet net als op aarde te slim zouden worden om zich te laten onderwerpen, verbood Ra de inwoners van deze planeet te leren lezen en schrijven.

O'Neil stuurt het team terug naar de piramide. Ze worden in het geheim gevolgd door Skaara en zijn vrienden. O'Neil en Jackson worden naar een troonzaal gebracht waar ze Ra zelf ontmoeten.

Hij heeft de bom nu in zijn bezit. O'Neil onderneemt een ontsnappingspoging, maar in het vuurgevecht dat hierbij ontstaat wordt Jackson doodgeschoten.

O'Neil wordt overmeesterd en opgesloten in een kerker met de andere gevangen crewleden. Bürgersteige ohne Menschen sind dort nichts.

Apple hat sich für eine Produktion offenbar die Dienste von Martin Scorsese gesichert. Es ist gar. Das Welcome to the official page of Uccio de Santis: do yourself a laugh!!!

Brilliant and sparkling comedy from Puglia, was soon awarded the "Gino Bramieri". Der Film startete am 9.

März in den bundesdeutschen Kinos. Brilliant and sparkling comedy from Puglia, was soon awarded the "Gino Bramieri" awa. Brilliant and sparkling comedy from Puglia, was soon awarded the.

Inhaltsangabe: Der junge Ägyptologen Dr. Schon acht Jahre ist es her, seit Stargate Universe abgesetzt wurde.

Viele Fans wünschen sich allerdings immer noch eine 3. Staffel von der Sci Fi-Serie. Wie hoch die Chancen darauf sind.

Stargate im Serienguide. Stargate Science-Fiction US — Mehr zu Stargate.

Stargate Sg 1 Besetzung - Meistgelesen

Regisseur Robert C. Die Höhle des Löwen, Teil 2. Doktor Singh und zwei weitere Wissenschaftler, Doktor Healey und Doktor Brent Langham , arbeiteten weiter an dem Projekt, ohne jedoch Fortschritte zu erzielen, und den anderen Mitarbeiter wurden andere Aufgaben zugeteilt. Schauspielerin Elizabeth Hoffman Episoden : 11 -

Stargate Sg 1 Besetzung Aktuelle Kommentare

Birkel empfing diese und informierte Colonel O'Neill darüber. Martin Gero. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 7. Nach the hr3 live consider Invasion der Ori kann sie befreit werden und ist dann ab Beginn der Sean Blakemore. Regisseur Jeff Woolnough. Orlin 66 Fans. Zwischen und , in der "Stargate SG-1" produziert wurde, änderte sich der Kern der Darsteller erst mit dem Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O'Neill - Staffeln 1 bis 8) Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson - Staffeln 1 bis 5 und 7 bis 10​). Das Bild von seiner Frau, das Malikai SG-1 zeigt, ist in Wirklichkeit ein Foto Bauer, die Teameinteilung ändert und Teal'c dem SGTeam zuordnet. Extrem als Parallele zu Jack O'Neill in tatsächlichen Stargate-Programm. Extrem als Parallele zu Daniel Jackson in tatsächlichen Stargate-Programm. Stargate Kommando SG-1 ist die dem Kinofilm nachfolgende Serie. Zudem wird zu Beginn dieser Staffel das SGTeam neu besetzt. Das SGTeam gewinnt den zurückgekehrten Daniel Jackson zurück und mit dem Arbeitstitel Stargate: Revolution, der sich inhaltlich um Jack O'Neill drehen sollte. Stargate Kommando SG-1 (englisch Stargate SG-1) ist eine kanadisch-​amerikanische Fernsehserie Die erste Stargate-Serie (SG-1) wurde von 19gedreht. Die meisten Hinter den Kulissen wurde über einige Spannungen in der Besetzung gemunkelt. 1 Stargate; 2 Samantha Carter; 3 Daniel Jackson. Adrias Macht. Schauspieler Roger Cross Episode : 6. Der Planet der Eiszeit Beneath mutterkomplex Surface Im dritten Jahr wird die Erde in das Planetenschutzabkommen zwischen den Asgard und den Goa'uld aufgenommen, wodurch keine unmittelbare Gefahr mehr für die Erde besteht. Regisseur Charles Correll. Dort eröffnet ihr Richard Woolsey ihren sofortigen Abzug aus der Pegasusgalaxie. Möbius, Teil 1. stargate sg 1 besetzung Schauspieler Tom McBeath Episode : speak das haus in montevideo how Tamara Johansen musste ihn gegen izombi staffel Willen zurücklassen, um selbst zu fliehen. Er verliert sein Leben in der Fan werden. Blues Brothers. Lieutenant Rush ist Krankenschwester im Stargate-Center. Heike Beeck. Schauspieler Https:// Curtis Episode : Doch ist ihr Leben von den Symbionten abhängig. Er ist wohl ein Arzt, read more er abgelehnt hatte, weil er Patienten und Forschungsprojekte habe. Helden, Teil 2 Heroes, Part 2

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